Facebook rolls out new GIF-supported Polls feature

Facebook adds GIF enabled polls

Facebook is now getting in on the polling action.

Yesterday (November 3rd), it rolled out a GIF-supported poll feature that lets you ask friends questions via status updates. In a effort to differentiate itself from Twitter and it's subsidiary company, Instagram, who both have polling features, Facebook is giving you the option to make your polls more visually appealing by including photos and GIFs with the answers. 

You can use the polls feature by opening up the status composer on your personal profile or Page and clicking "Polls" from the list that is under "What's on your mind?" You then write your question and fill in two answers, which can include uploaded images or GIFs. You then choose a expiration date (one day, one week, never, custom) for the poll and click "Post" to make it live. Once votes come in, you and voters can see the results, providing a bit of transparency for all those involved. 

The new feature comes a few weeks after Facebook acquired tbh, a positivity-focused polling app geared towards teens.  The addition of the feature and the recent acquisition makes it clear that Facebook sees value in polling. Although the company hasn't said what that value is, one would have to think that it has something to do with engagement. Regardless of whether it's a fun question like "What should I eat for dinner" or a more serious question like  "Who are you voting for?, the poll feature will likely increase engagement amongst users just like poll features have done with Twitter and Instagram.

In other Facebook news, the company recently launched Workplace, a desktop chat app for businesses.