Adidas will deliver a personalized shopping experience with its new app

Adidas app

Adidas is one of the most innovative sports apparel brands in the world. However, one thing that the German sportswear company has lacked over the years is a mobile-friendly shopping app. Consumers have  been able to purchase adidas products online but it had to be via a web browser. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. During Dreamforce, the world's largest conference in San Francisco, California, the company made a huge annoucement, revealing that it’s finally launching a shopping app. 

Using Salesforce technology including Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Service Cloud, the app gives consumers in the U.S. and U.K. the ability to purchase and track adidas products on iOs and Android mobile devices. As a result of the app being based on customers' preferences and behaviors, it’s a personalized shopping experience. The app will also be home to different types of content that includes news, blog posts, videos, and event announcements. 

The launch of the app is part of adidas' 2020 Strategy Creating The Newwhich is focused on the company redefining its digital presence “to achieve greater consumer centricity and accelerate digital transformation across its entire organization.” By now having a shopping app, the company should be able to reach its goal of topping  $4.25 billion in online sales by 2020. The app will allow it to compete with Nike, who has done a great job in m-commerce, which is slowly becoming consumers’  preferred method of purchasing products. Overall, it's a good move that will yield positive results. 

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 SOURCE: Adidas