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Nike Launches New Smart Technology Called 'Nike Fit' That Will Help You Find The Perfect Shoe Size

Due to customer complaints over the years, Nike has launched Nike Fit, new smart technology that uses a combination of computer vision, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and recommendation algorithms, that lets you scan your feet and find your shoe size for any Nike shoe styles.

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Instagram Launches A New 'Quiz' Sticker That Lets You Ask Your Followers Multiple-Choice Answers

A few months after reports surfaced that Instagram was working on a new Quiz stickers feature, the Facebook-owned company officially rolls out the feature, giving users the opportunity to ask their audience multiple-choice questions.

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SoundCloud Announces New Service That Lets Creators Distribute Their Music To All Major Streaming Platforms

SoundCloud is expanding its SoundCloud Premier program by adding a new service that lets creators distribute their music to major streaming platforms such at Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music at no additional cost.

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