Netflix plans to work with airlines to help improve the quality of in-flight Wi-Fi


During the 2017 APEX Expo, Netflix announced that it plans to work with a number of airlines across the globe to help improve the quality of in-flight Wi-Fi.

The television and movie streaming company will provide airlines with its low-broad mobile streaming technology, which will allow airlines to save up to 75% in bandwidth costs. By helping airlines improve their internet connectivity, Netflix is hoping that airlines will offer Wi-Fi entertainment for free or at low cost to passengers, who then can stream television shows and movies off Netflix on their own devices while in the air. 

In the past, Netflix has teamed up Aeromexico, Qantas, Virgin America, and Virgin Australia so its likely these airlines will be on-board when Netflix launches the initiative in 2018.

This is the latest example of the company making a strong effort to give customers access to its service on various devices that include smart TVs, mobile phones, set-top boxes, hotel entertainment systems, and much more. 

SOURCE:  Variety