YouTube TV is now expanding to TV devices

Photo: YouTube TV

Photo: YouTube TV

Six months ago, Google entered the television market with the launch of YouTube TV, a television streaming service that offers a live TV bundle featuring 40 plus networks, cloud DVR with no storage limits, YouTube originals, and more for $35 a month.

Originally, it was only available on phone, tablet, and computer devices but as of today, that is changing. It will now be available on TV devices as the company has built a new app specifically for it, allowing users to access the service in even more ways. 

Over the next few days, the app will be released on Android TV devices such as the Nvidia Shield and TVs that have Android TV built-in. In addition, an app will be available for XBox One devices including the XBox One, XBox S, and the XBox One X, which is launching in November. A few weeks later, the app will be available on Smart TVs including Samsung, LG, and Sony brands as well as on Apple TV. 

Being able to access YouTube TV on TV devices isn't the only news. The company is also rolling out additional features on the app including being able to control the TV experience with a TV remote or game controller, a dark background for a more cinematic look, a in-depth programming guide showing what is airing soon, background playback, and more. 

Google already made a great move by entering the TV market and now it is making that move even better by giving people the option to access YouTube TV on TV devices.  It's no secret that less and less people are subscribing to cable and satellite providers and instead opting for streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, and YouTube TV. But, regardless of where they get their TV content from, most still prefer to watch it on a TV device from the comfort of their homes.

Google found this to be especially true with YouTube TV users as more than half the time users consumed content on YouTube TV, it was done on a TV device using Chromecast. Basically, Google is giving users what they want: the option to consume YouTube TV on TV devices. A company that listens to its customers rarely ever loses and this is a great example of that. 

Currently, YouTube TV is available in two-thirds of the U.S. and it’s expected to expand to more markets in the near future. To sign up for YouTube TV or for addiitonal information, head over to the website

SOURCE: Google Blog