YouTube launches a new Trending chart to let you know the hottest new music right now

Earlier this week, YouTube made several announcements regarding its YouTube Charts. In addition to expanding its Charts to 44 new countries that include the U.K., Japan, Brazil, and Germany, the video-streaming platform launched a new Trending Chart.

Available via, the Trending Chart provides a unique, real-time time look at the hottest new music right now. Providing a instant snapshot of what users are reacting to, it's the platform first "dedicated external signal of the most viewed new music."   

Along with the new Chart rollout, it revamped its Top Music, Top Artists, and Top Music Videos Charts, making each respective Chart function as the following: 

Top Music Chart is a reflection of how users are consuming music on the platform. It ranks a song's overall performance by combining the views of the official music video, the official song used in user-generated content, and lyric videos. 

Top Artists Chart: Taking in an account of the total views of an artist's entire discography (official music videos, official songs used in user-generated content, official live performances, remixes, lyric videos, album tracks, and collaborations), it provides a list of the 100 most popular artists on YouTube.

Top Music Videos: It highlights the most viewed official music videos on the platform by utilizing the view count of music videos from the previous week. 

According to the platform, its Charts are "now on based purely on the number of views and are a reflection of the success achieved by artists on the world's most expansive music platform. " For more on the announcement, head over to YouTube For Artists.