YouTube Is Experimenting With A New 'Explore' tab To Increase Discoverability For Users

Photo: YouTube 

Photo: YouTube 

YouTube is currently experimenting with a new Explore tab that it hopes will help with discoverability for users.  Tom Leung, YouTube’s director of product management, revealed the news in a recent video for the platform's Creator Insider channel. 

The experiment will affect only about one percent of YouTube iOS app viewers. Those affected will see a new Explore tab in place of the traditional Trending tab at the bottom of the app. Designed to show users videos, topics, and channels that they might not otherwise encounter, Explore will be a personalized experience as it takes into account a user's viewing activity. 

Additionally, Explore will provide benefits for the creators themselves such as assisting them in growing their channels since it gives them the ability to be in front of new viewers. 

YouTube didn't mention how long would be experimenting with the Explore tab, however, according to Leung, it does plan to give an update once the experiment has run its course.

To learn more about the Explore tab, read the official blog post here

SOURCE: Google