You can now share what you're listening to on Spotify directly to your Instagram Stories

Photo: Spotify

Photo: Spotify

The days of having to screenshot your favorite song on Spotify, save it, and then upload it to Instagram Stories to share your with friends are now over. During Facebook's F8 developer conference earlier this week, the company announced a new feature that gives you the ability to share Spotify content directly to your Instagram Stories. 

Thanks to the new feature, you can now share a song, album, or playlist to your Instagram Stories by simply tapping the share button and then selecting "Instagram Stories" from the share menu. This will then generate an artwork sticker for that song, album, or playlist in a new Instagram Story. Not only do you have the option to resize or move the artwork sticker, but you can also use Instagram's editing tools to add text, hashtag and location stickers, and more. When you're done editing, you can share it with everyone or send it to select people as a direct message. 

Out of all the new Instagram features that were announced, this will likely be the favorite of most people. It's not anything mind-blowing, but it's a feature that will be useful for music lovers like myself who like to express themselves by sharing music. With the amount of people taking screenshots of what they're listening to and sharing it via social media, adding this type of feature is a no-brainer. There was plenty demand for it. 

It's also a good move for both Instagram and Spotify. By Instagram making it easier and faster for users to share Spotify content, chances are users will share even more of it, resulting in more content being shared and more time being spent on the app. For Spotify, every time a user shares a song, album, or playlist to their Instagram Stories, there's the potential for the user's followers to click on the link, bringing them to the Spotify app. Not to mention, musicians that don't have access to the "Swipe Up" function can use this feature instead to share their own music. 

Instagram's Spotify integration is a win for all. 

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SOURCE:  Spotify Blog