Yahoo quietly rolls out a invite-only messaging app called Squirrel

Yahoo Squirrel Messaging App

From Facebook Messenger to WhatsApp, there is no shortage of messaging apps. However, that isn't stopping Yahoo from jumping into the mix and attempting to take advantage of their current popularity. The Verizon-owned company quietly rolled out a new app called Squirrel, which is available for both, iOS and Android devices. 

The invite-only app is focused on organized group messaging between friends, family, and work groups. The app allows you to organize different groups to chat with and create different rooms within those groups for specific people or topics. Similar to most messaging apps, you can communicate with other users by sharing text, photos, documents, and links.

According to the app's description in the Apple Store and Google Play, its full range of features include: 

  • Rooms: Create separate rooms for specific people or topics. Chat in the main room for group-wide announcements and banter. 
  • Mute: Turn off notifications in rooms that are a snore. 
  • Secret rooms: Use secret rooms for private chats with those in the know. 
  • Reactions: Make inside jokes official. Create your own one-tap reactions for the group.
  • Blasts: Make sure everyone in your group sees important messages. 
  • Attachments: Share photos, documents, or links. Find them later easily all in one place. 
  • Activity view: Never miss an important message. Know when you are mentioned, all in one view.

With organization being a key focus of the app, Squirrel seems to be more in line with a Slack versus a WhatsApp. 

If you're interested in checking out the app but don't know anyone who currently has access, you can request an invitation by sending a email to: