Vimeo Creators Can Now Naively Publish Videos Directly To LinkedIn

Vimeo LinkedIn

Last year, Vimeo launched Publish To Social, a feature that let creators share their videos to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter with one click. Now, the video-sharing platform is adding integration with LinkedIn

Creators with a paid subscription can natively publish their videos to LinkedIn Company Pages, marking the first time that LinkedIn has had end-to-end integration with a video platform.

GIF: Vimeo

GIF: Vimeo

“Over the past year, Vimeo has invested heavily in building a central distribution hub for video content to be shared everywhere and across platforms. Our Publish to Social feature makes it possible for creators and businesses to reach audiences in more places, while also enabling them to better understand video performance,” Mark Kornfilt, CTO of Vimeo said in a press statement.

According to the company, the Publish To Social feature provides the following benefits:

  • Social platforms such as LinkedIn favor native uploads so when creators publish their video to LinkedIn, they will maximize their reach

  • Creators can forgo manually uploading their videos to each social platform and instead distribute to all of them with one click

  • Publish To Social comes with analytics, allowing creators to track the performance, viewership and engagement of their videos on each social platform from the convenience of a centralized Vimeo dashboard

LinkedIn recently revealed that some companies are receiving 5x the engagement on video posts than any other type of post on LinkedIn. That alone makes it a good idea for creators to publish videos to their LinkedIn Company Pages. Per Vimeo, videos that promote a company’s brand, educate their audience about their products or services, and share their expertise on a specific topic are the best type of videos to publish to the professional networking platform.

Over the last year, Vimeo has made strong efforts to move away from being a place to watch videos (i.e. YouTube) to becoming a resource for video creators to share their work. Along the way, it has supported that effort by launching a network for creators and a stock video market place.