Using A.I., Otter transcribes speech, allowing you to store, search, and share it

Photo: Otter app 

Photo: Otter app 

A team of former Google veterans and speech-recognition company Nuance have joined forces for a new voice transcription app called Otter.  If you ever have had to transcribe a meeting, interview or conversation, this new app will not only appeal to you, but will likely make your life a bit easier. 

Using the power of artificial intelligence developed by parent company AISense, Otter transcribes speech, allowing you to store, search, and share it just as you can with mail or other text communication.

There are many voice transcription apps out there, but Otter seems to be the most efficient one, at least when used in a quiet, controlled environment. The app can record and transcribe long-form converstations between multiple people unlike Apple Siri, Amazon Alexia and Google Assistant, which are designed to understand speech from one person and require a voice command to intiate. 

The app's core features include:

Automatic speech recognition: Otter uses AISense's proprietary, AI-powered speech recognition technology that is optimized for conversations with multiple participants and challenging acoustic environments.
Speaker separation and identification: The app identifies when different speakers take turns and identifies individual voices in a conversation, in the same way that AI recognizes faces in photos on social media.
Deep content search: Users can search by keyword to recall snippets of all of their conversations that are stored in Otter.
Groups: Content can be quickly shared within the Otter app with individuals or team members in real time.
Playback: Text and audio are synchronized on playback and users can quickly jump to any point in the audio recording by clicking the transcribed text.
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With a lot of attention on voice right now especially podcasts and voice-assistants, the launch of Otter comes at the perfect time. Although the app isn't without flaws, it definitely is useful in transcribing meetings, interviews, or just plain old conversations. You will likely have to edit the transcription in some way but that will take a lot less time than transcribing an hour-long meeting or interview in its entirely. 

If you're interested in trying out Otter, you can do so by downloading it for free on iOS and Android devices. 

SOURCE: Business Wire