Twitter is developing a 'Save for Later' bookmarking feature

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Lately, Twitter has been focused on improving the user experience. It recently announced that it would be doubling the character tweet limit to 280 from 140. That announcement was received with mixed reactions but its newest announcement will certainly fare better and be embraced by most. 

During Hack Week, Twitter Product Manager Jesar Shah revealed that Twitter is developing a 'Save for Later' bookmarking feature. At the moment, if you want to bookmark a tweet, you would do so by liking it or DMing it to yourself. When 'Save for Later' launches, you will be able to bookmark a tweet by clicking on the three dots in the right bottom portion of a tweet and selecting "Add to Bookmarks" from a overflow menu. 

You can see a demo of the feature below: 

There isn't a timeline for when 'Save for Later' will launch. It's still in the early stages of development and will be tweaked over time based on user feedback. 

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