Twitch announces new reality TV series 'Stream On'

Twitch announces new reality TV series 'Stream On'

Days after announcing that it would be streaming NBA G League games weekly, Twitch makes another attention-worthy announcement. The Amazon-owned video game streaming service is launching a new reality TV series called Stream On


The platform's first series will kick off in March 2018 and will consist of creators who are part of Twitch's Partner Program and on cusp of making streaming full-time a possibility.  Those chosen as contestants will be put through a series of weekly challenges involving important streaming skills. A panel of Twitch judges and viewers will decide who advances and who is eliminated at each stage of the competition with the winner receiving $5,000 per a month for a year for a total of $60,000. 

For more information on the reality series, head to the company's blog and if you're interested in applying, you can do so here

Don't be surprised if Twitch is in the news again relatively soon. It's finishing 2017 on a high note and it would be silly not to think that the company has even bigger plans for 2018. Stay tuned. 

SOURCE: Twitch