TikTok's New Partnership With GIPHY Allows Users To Add GIFS To Their Posts

Photo: TikTok

Photo: TikTok

TikTok recently announced a new partnership with GIF platform, GIPHY, that will give users a new way to add even more fun and personality to their posts. As a result of the partnership, users will now have access to a extensive library of the top trending animated GIFS and can add them to their posts easily by tapping a new GIPHY button that is available within the app.

Along with this, TikTok worked with Giphy Studios to create stickers for some of the most popular memes and hashtags that were birthed on TikTok. These can be found when searching #TikTok in the GIPHY library search bar.

The addition of GIF integration should continue to grow TikTok’s popularity.

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SOURCE: TikTok Newsroom