Tidal launches a new app for TV devices, offers free trial for the holidays

Tidal launches TV app

Tidal has announced a new Tidal TV app that is available for Apple TV and Android TV devices. The app allows subscribers to access the streaming service's entire library of music as well as other content such as music videos, concerts, live streams, and podcasts directly from their TVs. 

The announcement comes at a interesting time. Last week, reports surfaced that the company is having financial problems due to stagnant user growth. In fact, it was said that it only has enough capital to last six months. 

While it remains unknown if the reports are true, the company is certainly taking action to try to gain new users. In addition to the new app, the company also announced a holiday promotion called 12 Days of Tidal that has the potential to increase numbers. 

Starting on Christmas, the company is opening up its platform to anyone for a free 12 day trial. Unlike traditional subscription trials, a credit card isn't required, making the promotion even more attractive to those looking for something other than Spotify and Apple Music. On each day of the trial, the company will release exclusive content such as new original content series, interviews, music videos, and documentaries. 

In other music streaming news, YouTube is launching a new paid streaming service in 2018 called Remix.