Top Dawg Entertainment releases new merchandise in "TDE Classic" collection

TDE Classic Collection

Just in time for the fall, Top Dawg Entertainment unleashes new merchandise with little warning. Officially known as the "TDE Classic" collection, the new batch of garments include dad hats, t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, and a hockey jersey, which all feature the TDE branding logo.  Prices of the items range from $35 for t-shirts to $110 for the hockey jersey. 

Check out some of the items below.  To view the complete collection and to purchase, head over to TDE's digital shop here

Merchandise continues to be a important revenue stream in hip-hop today. The days of simply slapping an artists' name on a t-shirt and selling it as merchandise to fans are over.  Artists are now creating merchandise that is of a similar quality of traditional clothing brands. In fact, artists like Drake and his OVO imprint are doing it so well that their clothing collections sell out in hours and are considered more fashion lines than merchanise. If TDE's newest collection is any indication, they are heading down the right path. 

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