Spotify Now Displays Songwriter And Producer Credits On The iOS App

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Back in February, Spotify rolled out songwriter and producer credits to its desktop app as part of its Secret Genius program, that is focused on spotlighting songwriters and producers. As of earlier this week, they are available in the iOS app too. Those who subscribe to the iOS app can view songwriter and producer credits for songs via record label-provided metadata.

Credits can be accessed by clicking the three dots next to a particular song, scrolling down the options menu, and selecting "Song credit." A screen will then pop up and show credits such as performed by, written by, and produced by. Additionally, it will show the source of the information. 

With millions of songs on Spotify, there shouldn't be a surprise that a lot of songs are missing credits. However, Alfons Karabuda, the Chairman of the European Composer & Songwriter Alliance (ECSA) revealed via Instagram that Spotify and his organization are currently working on completing missing or incomplete credit information by obtaining it "directly from publishers, songwriters, and societies, in the near future" as well as ways to "correct or provide more details for additional credits." 

Unfortunately for Android app subscribers, songwriter and producer credits aren't available yet. 

Besides giving them props, Spotify plans to support songwriters and producers through an ambassador program, The Secret Genius Awards, podcasts, and curated playlists. Details at the moment are mimimum, but stay tuned for more in the near future. 

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