Spotify Debuts New Publishing Analytics Platform

Photo: Spotify Publishing Analytics

Photo: Spotify Publishing Analytics

Following a number of artist-focused tools like the ability to submit unreleased music for playlist consideration and the power to upload music directly, Spotify turns its attention to publishers with Spotify Publishing Analytics, which it calls “the first analytics tool from a music streaming service built specifically for publishers.” 

With Spotify Publishing Analytics, publishers can view “the works and recordings they have identified, including playlist performance, as well as the ability to view data for each of the songwriters on their roster.” 

Spotify developed the platform in collaboration with a range of publishers, A&R and administration including Reservoir. Director of Royalties & Copyright Administration at Reservoir, Rich Scott DePerto, stated “Access to daily global analytics for the leading DSP allows us to better track our catalog’s performance and gives us valuable insight that we can use to make more informed business decisions in supporting our songwriters.”

Currently, Spotify Publishing Analytics is in beta. Publishers that are interested in getting access to it can find out how to do so by visiting

In other Spotify news, it is testing a new feature called What’s New that highlights new releases.

SOURCE: Spotify Newsroom