Spotify Is Testing A Stories-Like Feature For Artists Called 'Storyline'


With the popularity of Stories at an all-time high, it should be no surprise that platforms of all types are looking to find ways to incorporate the engaging content format. The newest platform looking to take advantage of the content format is Spotify.

The popular music-streaming service is currently testing its own version of Stories in a feature called Storyline. Reminiscent of its current Behind The Lyrics offering that is powered by Genius, Storyline enables artists to tell the story behind their music using text, lyrics or images in the Stories content format.

Per Android Police, who first spotted the feature, Storyline has appeared for a dozen of songs including the Jonas Brothers’ “Sucker,” MAX’s “Love Me Less,” and 2 Chainz’s “Forgiven.”

Users who have access to the feature will see a Storyline card below the Now Playing screen. Once they pull it up, they can go through an Instagram Stories-like user experience of tapping left or right to move forward and backwards through the Stories. At the top of each Storyline are horizontal lines that indicate how many screens are remaining.

While Spotify has confirmed that it is testing Storyline, it hasn’t confirmed who has access to the feature, it’s believed that testing is limited to select iOS and Android users in the U.S. and Netherlands. As of right now, there isn’t any evidence that the feature is available on desktop.

In other music streaming news, Apple Music has started to roll out personalized, algorithm driven playlists.

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SOURCE: Android Police