Spotify Introduces Podcast Dedicated Portal 'Spotify For Podcasters'

Spotify For Podcasters

Last month, Spotify announced that it would start giving independent artists the power to upload their music directly from Spotify For Artists to Spotify for free without having to go through a label or distributor.

Now, the streaming giant is introducing a new podcast dedicated portal called Spotify for Podcasters, which will alllow “podcast creators who are hosting their podcasts elsewhere be able to make their show available to Spotify users" by simply providing their podcast RSS feed.

"We want more people to have access to the tools they need to become great storytellers and have their voices heard," it writes in the blog post.

Once creators upload their podcast feed, new episodes are added instantly and made available to Spotify's massive audience of 180 plus million listeners. Additionally, creators will have access to valuable analytics such as episode performance, daily stats on listener demographics, location, engagement, and much more.

Spotify For Podcasters is the latest example of Spotify making a serious push into podcasting. Over the last few months, it signed exclusive deals with popular podcast shows such as Ebb & Flow, Unpacked, Showstopper, and The Joe Budden Show. These are great additions, however, they aren’t enough alone to dethrone Apple Podcasts as the go-to platform for listening to podcasts.

If you're a podcaster and interested in learning more about Spotify For Podcasters, head over to Spotify For Podcasters.

In other podcast news, Anchor recently rolled out a Smart Background Music feature that provides podcasters with podcast-ready background tracks for free.

SOURCE: Spotify Newsroom