Spotify Announces Integration With Facebook Stories

Photo: Spotify

Photo: Spotify

Today, Spotify announced a new feature that lets users share music to Facebook Stories.

With the new integration, users can share a song to Facebook Stories by tapping the ’Share’ button, selecting ‘Facebook,’ and then customizing the Story before publishing..When a user views the Story, a 15-second preview of the song will play automatically. At the end of the preview, the viewer has the option to go directly to that song on Spotify by tapping it.

Users can also share albums, playlists and artist profiles, however, the viewer will need to tap through to access the content directly on Spotify.

Last year, Spotify launched a similar integration for Instagram. That integration has been beneficial for both parties as it's quite often that Instagram users share Spotify songs or albums in their Instagram Stories, which then drives traffic back to the Spotify app.

Spotify's integration with Facebook Stories has the potential for the same, however, Facebook Stories aren't currently as popular as Instagram Stories.

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SOURCE: Spotify