SoundCloud Enhances The Collaboration Experience With New Private Track & Playlist Sharing Feature

GIF: SoundCloud

GIF: SoundCloud

SoundCloud now offers a private track and playlist sharing feature.

The music streaming platform made the announcement in a recent blog post, stating “We’re the only audio streaming service to offer private track and playlist sharing because enabling your workflow will help you to create the best possible upload."

Private track and playlist sharing was created with the mission of enhancing the collaboration experience for creators. Thanks to the new feature, creators can easily share their work with others directly through SoundCloud as opposed to numerous emails or file swaps.

Whether a creator wants feedback on a particular song, wants to pitch their music for placement consideration on a music blog, or anything else along those lines, they can easily do so with the private track and playlist sharing feature.

Per SoundCloud, the feature can be used as follows:

You can share a private track or playlist the same way you share a public link via the fullscreen player menu at the bottom of your screen. (You must be the owner of the track to share one, meaning you cannot share someone else’s private track).

Once you think it’s ready for the world, you can make a track or playlist public on your mobile phone. You’ll know if you’re public when the locked icon is gone.

Decide you want to go back into stealth mode? You can easily switch back to “locked” status, so your track/playlist is unavailable for discovery.

Private track and playlist sharing is available for iOS and Android devices with the latest version of the SoundCloud app.

The last few months for SoundCloud have been quite busy. It has released numerous new features and tools as it tries to catch up with Spotify and Apple Music. These features and tools have included the relaunch of comments on mobile, the expansion of the SoundCloud Premier monetization program, and integration with Instagram Stories.

SOURCE: SoundCloud