SoundCloud Expands Its 'SoundCloud Premier' Monetization Program

SoundCloud Premier

There is some great news for artists on SoundCloud. In a recent blog post, the music streaming platform announced it is expanding SoundCloud Premier, it's direct monetization program that previously was an invite-only beta product for the last four years. With the expansion, “hundreds of thousands of independent creators can start getting paid for their streams” now.

At the moment, independent creators residing in SoundCloud monetized countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, and New Zealand) with a Pro or Pro Unlimited subscription that have had more than 5,000 plays in the past month on original music content are eligible to start making money.

According to the platform, independent creators should monetize directly with SoundCloud Premier for the following reasons:

Leading revenue share: SoundCloud meets or beats any other streaming service.

Faster payouts: We pay you directly each month so you’ll have cash in your pocket faster.

Comes with Pro: The program is accessible to all eligible Pro subscribers at no additional cost.

Instant availability: On SoundCloud, your uploaded tracks are available for immediate discovery and monetization – no waiting.

Direct access to your fans: You get real-time feedback and engagement from SoundCloud’s massive global community.

The SoundCloud Premier expansion announcement comes just a few weeks after Spotify revealed it would give independent creators the ability to upload their music directly to the platform. It’s unknown whether SoundCloud’s move is a result of Spotify’s potential game-changing feature, but regardless, expanding its monetization program was long overdue. One of the platform’s biggest issues was that it lacked a way for artists without labels to make money until now.

SOURCE: SoundCloud