Snapchat Launches 'Snapchat Storytellers,' A Pilot Program That Connects Brands With Its Top Influencers

Photo: Snapchat

Photo: Snapchat

Snapchat has launched Snapchat Storytellers, a pilot program to connect brands with the top influencers on its platform. 

Through Snapchat Storytellers, influencers such as Mplatco, Cyrene Q, and Shonduras will be featured in ads in Stories and Discover as well as provide brands with creative direction and help in creating native content. 

Influencers have the opportunity to make tens of thousands of dollars for their services, however, Snapchat isn't expected to take any percentage of the deals. Instead, it is hoping that influencers can help brands see the value in advertising on Snapchat, which will then lead to brands spending more advertising dollars on the platform in the future. 

There is no question that Snapchat is late to the influencer marketing game, but at least, Snapchat Storytellers is a move in the right direction. Besides the program helping to generate more revenue the long run, it could bring back influencers who "left" the platform due to the lack of resources and tools for monetizing their content. 

SOURCE: Tech Crunch