Skype looks to capitalize on the popularity of podcasts with new 'Skype for Content Creators' feature

Skype For Content Creators

Late last week, Skype took to its blog to announce a new feature called Skype for Content Creators, which is currently in preview mode.

With the new feature, Skype looks to capitalize on the popularity of podcasts and videos as it will let digital broadcasters, streamers, and bloggers record videos, podcasts, and live streaming calls without having to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive studio equipment.

Once Skype for Content Creators is enabled, users can place and record calls directly in NewTek NDI-enabled software such as Wirecast, Split, and Vmix. Once the call has been recorded, users will have a clean feed of the video and audio, which then can be imported into audio and video production apps like Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition to edit. 

Skype for Content Creators is expected to be available worldwide this summer. 

Skype isn't the only platform that trying to adapt to today's podcast friendly world. Anchor recently shifted its focus to the podcasting community with the re-launch of its app

SOURCE: Skype Blog