Russell Westbrook is releasing a fashion book in September

Photo: Rizzol

Photo: Rizzol

Russell Westbrook's style of fashion is as eccentric as his play on the basketball court. Coming this fall, the reigning 2017 NBA MVP will share his fashion sense in a new book titled Russell Westbrook: Style Divers, which finds him teaming up with artist Raymond Petition for three different book covers, the endpapers, and  the chapter openers.  

The book is photography heavy and will provide a glimpse into Westbrook's world and how he uses style as a  "psychological weapon" on and off the court. According to Rizzoli, the book's publisher: 

"This book is a collection of stylish and inspiring images and text that provide a rare glimpse into Westbrook’s world, revealing how he uses style as a psychological weapon on and off the court and how he has redefined the role of a contemporary athlete turned cultural figure. From photographs documenting his bold and cutting-edge outfits worn during the playoffs to images of his collaborations with global style brands and original quotes and interviews with fellow athletes, designers, and creative figures that inspire Westbrook, this book explores how to be fearless and confident in fashion and in life, what it means to be stylish, and the importance of authenticity in everything from style and music to art and business."

Westbrook is no stranger to the fashion world.  He's considered by many to be the most well dressed figure in all of sports. In fact, he was named Sports Illustrated's most fashionable athlete of the year. He has also been featured in the style sections of Vogue, New York Times, GQ, and other influential publications.

Could Westbrook add New York Times Best Sellers List to his long list of accomplishments? It's very likely. If you want to help him, You can grab a copy of Russell Westbrook: Style Divers  on September 5th for $55 at Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, and other major book retailers.