Google officially launches its 'Pay with Google' feature to improve the buyer experience

Photo: Google Blog

Photo: Google Blog

After previewing Pay with Google at its annual I/O developer conference this past May, Google officially launches the new feature. Available for Android smartphone users, Pay with Google allows users to access debt or credit cards that they have added to Google Account products like Google Play, YouTube, Chrome or Android Pay with ease, and make in-app purchases.  

When a user wants to make a purchase in an app that has implemented the feature, they can do so by simply clicking on the Pay with Google button, choosing what card they want to pay with, and hitting "Continue” to confirm the purchase. Google will then send the user's card information and shipping address associated with their Google account to the merchant.

This takes away the need for the user to fill out any forms or provide additional information. In addition, they don't have to worry about the payment session timing out or getting a error, both of which are common issues with traditional online payments.  As a result, the buyer experience is faster, easier, and safer. 

Here's a example of how Pay with Google works: 

Pay With Google

As of launch, Pay with Google can be used with Door Dash, Fancy, Instacard, Postmates, Kayak, and others while Airbnb, Boxed, Papa Johns, StubHub, Hotel Tonight, Just Eat, and much more will be joining in the near future. 

Photo: Google Blog

Photo: Google Blog

Pay with Google should be well-recieved by both, users and merchants. By it limiting the amount of steps users have to make, they can make purchases hassle-free. Since it;s a faster, easier, and safer process, it's likely that users will make more purchases, a plus for merchants.   

For more information on Pay with Google, head over to Google's blog

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SOURCE: Google Blog