Pandora Launches 'The Drop,' A Personalized Playlist Similar To Spotify's 'Release Radar'

GIF: Pandora

GIF: Pandora

Pandora is launching a new personalized playlist called The Drop. The playlist is currently only available for Pandora Premium users. Similar to Spotify’s Release Radar, The Drop is a custom-built playlist that features the latest and greatest music from artists that a user likes as well as artists that they may like based on the app’s “state of the art machine learning models.”

The playlist will be automatically updated for users with relevant new music being added as it is released. Songs in the playlist are listed in order with the newest releases on top, allowing users to find their favorite songs without any hassle. In addition, there is the potential for the playlist to feature as many as 100 songs, which is three times more than the 30 song long Release Radar.

“Finding what you love earlier is easier with Pandora, and now finding new music just got easier with The Drop,” the company stated in a blog post announcing the playlist.

Pandora recently has focused its effort on providing personalized playlists and mixes to its Premium users as it tries to close the gap between the Apple Musics and Spotifys of the world and itself. Since most of the music streaming platforms carry the same music libraries, the differentiators between them has been artist exclusives and curated playlists. Artists likely aren’t going to give exclusives to Pandora over Apple Music or Spotify so their best chance at standing out and utlimately expanding their user base is through curated playlists that appeal to its users. The Drop alone won’t be enough to get music lovers flocking to the platform but it’s a good step in the right direction.

SoundCloud also recently launched its own personalized playlist for users with SoundCloud Weekly.

SOURCE: Pandora