Pandora Premium Subscribers Can Now Share Music Via Snapchat

Photo: Pandora/Snapchat 

Photo: Pandora/Snapchat 

Pandora and Snapchat have announced a new partnership that allows Pandora Premium subscribers to share music via Snapchat. 

Users can now share their favorite songs, albums, playlists, and stations on Snapchat using a unique music card. Users have the option to share music directly with a friend or a group of friends as well as add music to their Story. Those on the receiving end of a music card can listen by simply swiping up. If he or she doesn't have a Premium subscription, they can listen to 30 minutes of uninterrupted music after viewing a 30-second ad. 

"Music is meant to be enjoyed with others and now with Pandora Premium, listeners get the benefit of personalized, on-demand listening — along with the ability to share their favorites through Snapchat,"  Pandora Product Manager Laura Eng wrote in a blog post announcing the partnership. 

Photo: Pandora/Snapchat

Photo: Pandora/Snapchat

As told by Pandora, users can share music by doing the following:

When you’re listening to a song, playlist or album on the Pandora app, tap “Share” on the “Now Playing” screen.
Select “Snapchat”– each song, album or playlist will have a unique card that celebrates the music’s artwork.
Add the card to your Story, share directly with a friend, or Snap to a group of friends.
Friends who view your Snap can swipe up and listen to the music on-demand on Pandora thanks to Pandora’s Premium Access feature.

The ability for Pandora to integrate with Snapchat is a plus, especially for the music streaming platform. By giving subscribers the ability to share music with their friends on Snapchat, there is the potential for Pandora to tap into Snapchat's 400 plus million users and expand its user base.

But to be quite honest, the chances of that happening is unlikely due to a couple of factors. First, Apple Music and Spotify currently have the most subscribers and continue to grow. Secondly, the age demographics of Pandora and Snapchat users are quite different. Pandora users tend to be older with most users between the ages of the 25 and 34 while Snapchat users tend to be younger with most users between ages of the 18 and 24. Pandora doesn't have the same appeal that Apple Music and Spotify has to the younger generation.

On the other hand, the benefit for Snapchat is it now has a music integration feature that is similar to Spotify and Instagram, which allows users to share music from Spotify directly to their Instagram Stories. Since sharing music that you're listening to has become a popular thing to do on social media, whether it be through a sharing option or a screenshot, this feature could possibly result in users Snapping more, but as mentioned before, a Premium subscription is needed to share more. 

One simple way to make this feature much more efficient would be to allow all Pandora users, regardless of their subscription type, to share music to Snapchat as "music stickers," which can then be played in the background of their Snaps. 

Earlier this summer, Instagram introduced a feature like this and it has been quite popular. 

SOURCE: Pandora