Pandora Launches A New Self-Service Online Hub For Podcasts In 'Pandora For Podcasts'

Photo: Pandora

Photo: Pandora

As the popularity of podcasts continues to increase, music streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple continue to take efforts to bolster their podcast capabilities and offerings to both creators and listeners. Now, Pandora, another popular music streaming platform is joining in on the action. 

Last week (August 14th), the company announced a new self-service online hub dedicated for podcasts called Pandora for Podcasts. The online hub provides podcast creators the opportunity to submit their shows for consideration to be included in Pandora’s catalog of podcasts.

Powered by Podcast Genome Project, which is built on Pandora’s Genome Project technology, Pandora For Podcasts lets listeners easily find podcasts that they like. The technology provides personalized podcast recommendations for users on both the show and episode level that are based on their previous listening histories such as likes, dislikes, and other insights.  

Due to this unique way of connecting users with podcasts that they like, Pandora is putting a big emphasis on the benefits of its Podcast Genome Project for podcast creators of all levels and sizes.

"We know that tens of millions of Pandora listeners are completely new to podcasting and looking to find the shows that click with their unique tastes and interests, the same way Pandora has always done connecting them to the music they love. Pandora for Podcasters helps podcast creators of all kinds – new or established, boldfaced names or indie upstarts – find the listeners who are looking for them," the company wrote in a press release.

If you're podcaster and interested in submitting your show, you can do so here.

With Spotify, Apple, and Pandora focusing more on podcasts, it’s become somewhat of an arms race with each platform looking to be the go-to place for podcasts, for creators as well as listeners. Expect to see these platforms focus even more on podcasts in the near future.

Podcasts as a form of entertainment and news are becoming so popular that Google recently announced that podcast episodes will now be part of Google Search, which may be the most powerful example of the growth of the podcast industry and where it’s heading.

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SOURCE: Pandora