The New York Public Library Brings Animated Digital Novels To Instagram With 'Insta Novels'

Photo: New York Public Library 

Photo: New York Public Library 

The New York Public Library has launched Insta Novels, a series that brings digital versions of classic literary works to its Instagram account (@NYPL). Teaming up with advertising and creative agency Mother New York, the NYPL's aim is to combine the worlds of literature and social media and "make great stories available even more widely." 

Starting with Lewis Caroll's Alice's Adventures In Wonderland, the library will post full animated digital novels to Instagram Stories and then save them to Instagram Highlights, which serves as a digital bookshelf. These digital novels will feature the full text as well as illustrations and layouts that reflect the novels' original design.  

New York Public Library

You can read novels by going to the library's account, tapping on a novel in Highlights and then resting your thumb on the lower right part of the screen to hold the page. When you're done reading a page, you can move onto the next one by lifting your thumb. 

The NYPL plans to post two other novels in Charlotte Perkins' The Yellow Wallpaper and Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis in the near future. 

As a huge fan of not only Instagram Stories, but the content format in general, this is one of the more creative and innovative ways that a brand has reimagined the format. In addition to aligning with its mission of "making the world's knowledge accessible to all," Insta Novels brings the literature world to Instagram, a place where one billion people spend a great deal of their time.

The concept of providing digital novels in a digital-heavy world is smart, but the question is, will people actually read an entire novel on Instagram? Who knows, but one thing for sure is that Insta Novels is a game changer that is sure to spark Instagram Stories ideas for brands especially for those in the publication space. There's no reason why an ESPN or Bleacher Report can't do something similar for their editorials or features that are much shorter than traditional novels. 

For more on Insta Novels, read NYPL's official blog announcement here

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