Netflix Subscribers Can Now Share Their Favorite Movies & TV Shows To Instagram Stories

Netflix Instagram Stories integration

Netflix becomes the latest platform to get integration with Instagram Stories.

The popular movie/TV streaming service announced that iOS users can now share their favorite movies and TV shows with friends through Instagram Stories. They can do so by simply clicking the ‘Share’ function under a movie or TV show in the Netflix iOS app and then selecting ‘Instagram Stories’ from the list of options. This will generate the default art for that movie or TV show in Instagram Stories, where users then have the ability to add stickers, comments or edit their post as desired.

"This new feature is the result of Netflix's constant efforts to make its mobile application more attractive and useful for its users," Netflix said in a press release.

The feature comes in good timing as recent releases like Birdbox, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, and Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened have gained a great deal of traction.

It’s a no-brainer that Netflix and Instagram team up and gives users an easy way to share what they’re currently binge-watching. Similar to music, people love to share their favorite movies and TV shows. This has become even more true thanks to the emergence of various movie/TV streaming services. Not to mention, the new feature yields benefits for both power players. Netflix basically gets free advertisements while Instagram gets equipped with yet another tool that encourages users to churn out even more content.

I expect more platforms to get some sort of integration with Instagram Stories over the next year or two. With the Stories content format continuing to rise in popularity and Instagram leading the charge, it would only make sense that platforms try to find a way to emerge themselves into the Instagram experience beyond their own account, especially if it has the potential to increase clicks or bring more visitors to their respective app.

Spotify, who was one of the first platforms to get integration with Instagram Stories, certainly doesn’t need its current integration to attract users to its streaming service, but one would have to think that the thousands of songs, albums, and playlists shared to Instagram Stories on a daily basis has had some positive effect on their business.

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