LinkedIn Adds A New Voice Messaging Feature That Allows You To Send & Receive Short Voice Messages

LinkedIn adds a new voice messaging feature

Earlier today, LinkedIn took to its blog and announced a new voice messaging feature.

The professional networking platform will soon give you the ability to send and receive short audio messages up to one minute long through LinkedIn Messaging.  Noting the feature as a new way to "let you more easily and quickly communicate in your own voice with your connections," it can be accessed and used by first tapping the microphone icon in the mobile messaging keyboard, holding it down to record, and then releasing it to send. 

With the growing popularity of voice, it usually would be a no-brainer for an app to add a feature that incorporated voice in some form. However, when you take into consideration the professional environment that LinkedIn is, it seems a bit odd.

If you're interested in trying out voice messaging, you can do so soon. The feature is being rolled out to users in the LinkedIn app over the next few weeks. 

To learn more, head over to LinkedIn's official announcement here. 

SOURCE: LinkedIn