Instagram's 'Share Link To Entire Story' & ‘Promote’ Features Are Now Available

Instagram Story New Promote Link Feature

Back in November, it was announced that Instagram was testing a number of new features/tools including the ability to share an Instagram Story as a link and a new ad type in Promote For Stories.

No official announcement has been made but if you go into one of your Story posts and click the three dots to populate the option tray, you will notice that new options are available in ‘Share Link To Entire Story’ and ‘Promote. ‘ The former gives you the ability to share a URL that brings people directly to your Story posts while the latter allows you to boost your Story post in similar fashion to boosting an Instagram feed or Facebook post.

These will seem like small additions to the average Instagram user but could actually be quite impactful for influencers, brands, marketers, and other users that utilize the social media platform beyond personal use. Given the popularity of Stories and the growing preference for it as a content format over traditional feed posts, these features give users more reason to gravitate and focus on putting out Stories. With more power and support for Stories, expect this trend to continue in 2019 and beyond.

In other Instagram Stories news, Netflix recently became the latest platform to get Instagram Stories integration.