Instagram will now let you share feed posts in Stories

Photo: Instagram 

Photo: Instagram 

After months of testing, Instagram is finally rolling out a feature that will let you share feed posts in Stories. With it, you no longer will need to screenshot a post that you want to share with your followers. Instead you will be able to share that post in Stories as a sticker.

Using the feature is easy. Similar to the way you would send a post via Direct Message, you click on the paper airplane button under the post. This will generate a list of users that you recently communicated with through Direct Message. Above the list will be the option to "Create a Story with this post." Tap it and the post will generate in your Stories. From there, you can resize it, move it, or rotate it. 

Once you post the Story, the post will display the original poster's username, which links back to the original post. For those who don't want their posts to be shared in Stories, they can opt out via settings within the app. 

Just like its recent Spotify intergration feature, this will be a useful and convenient feature. There will be plenty of users that utilize it primary to share posts from their own feed, but users who will get the most value from the feature will be brands and companies especially in the Influencer Marketing space. The feature will make it very easy for them to share user-generated content and cross-promote content, whether it be from Influencers they are working with or just people that are fans of their products or services. 

Right now, the feature is only available for Android devices, but according to the company, it will available for iOS devices in the next week or so.

SOURCE: Instagram