Instagram Stories may soon have a new 'Music Stickers' feature

Photo: Jane Manchun Wong 

Photo: Jane Manchun Wong 

According to several reports, Instagram is working on adding a new Music Stickers feature. The feature would exist within Instagram Stories and allow you to search for music and add it to your posts. Thanks to Facebook's recent licensing deals with many of the major record companies, users will have an extensive library to choose music from. Instagram is also reportedly working on an auto-detection function that would detect songs playing in the background of videos you're about to post and give you the option to display the song title and the artist. 

Instagram has yet to confirm these new features but between code spotted by Ishan Agarwal and brief testing capabilities by Jane Manchun Wong, its very likely that these features will be rolled out sometime in the near future. If this turns out to be true, it's another win for Instagram that not only puts more pressure on Snapchat but could possibly impact other music focused apps specfically

In other Instagram Stories news, the app recently rolled out third party intergration with Spotify and GoPro. 

SOURCE: Tech Crunch