Instagram Brings Interactive Elements To Instagram Stories Ads

Photo: Instagram Business

Photo: Instagram Business

As brands wait for Instagram to officially launch Branded Content Ads, which will allow them to amplify influencer-generated content, they will have another ad type to test in the meantime in the form of Interactive Stories Ads.

In a recent blog post, Instagram announced that it will give brands the opportunity to engage with audiences beyond their followers by using interactive elements in Stories Ads starting with Polling Stickers.

On the launch of Interactive Stories Ads, the Facebook-owned platform had the following to say:

“Interactivity adds a whole new dimension to the world of stories ads on Instagram that help bring people closer to brands. Interactive ads in Instagram Stories, starting with the polling sticker, allow businesses to be more engaging and playful in order to build better connections. Not only do they help stories ads stand out, but they can generate more impact for your campaigns by encouraging people to watch longer. In 9 out of 10 beta campaigns, the polling sticker increased 3-second video views.”

Brands such as Dunkin’ and Next Games, who were part of the beta launch, have already reported seeing results. The former achieved a 20% lower cost-per-video view while the latter drove 40% more app installs through Interactive Stories Ads.

Interactive Stories Ads are a great way for brands to further engage with their consumers in a more interesting and effective way. Brands can use them to learn more about their audience, get insights for new products, run a contest, and much more.

For brands that are interested in creating Interactive Stories Ads, they can simply do so by choosing Instagram Stories as their ad placement in the Ads Manager, uploading their creative, editing the ad text and then checking the box next to Add an interactive poll.

With over 500 million Instagram accounts using Instagram Stories on a daily basis, look for Instagram to continue to roll out more more features and more ads for the content format.

In other notable Instagram news, it finally launched a new Checkout feature that lets users buy from brands directly without ever leaving the app.

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SOURCE: Instagram Business