Instagram's "You're All Caught Up" Feature Will Tell You When You've Seen All New Posts

Instagram Youre All Caught Up Feature.png

Following the introduction of Music Stickers that allow users to add background music to their Stories, Instagram rolls out a new feature in "You're All Caught Up."

The feature is a relatively simple one but will be helpful for those that are still disappointed by Instagram departing from the chronological feed. Since the photo/video sharing platform made that change, it's been somewhat difficult to keep track of what content you've seen already on your feed. With “You’re All Caught Up,” Instagram will now notify you when you have seen all new posts from the past two days from accounts you follow. Under the notification will be all of the posts you have viewed.

This should cut down on users mindlessly scrolling through Instagram. But, more importantly, it’s the early stages of a trend that is emerging.

As of recent, developers have been focused on providing users with digital health features.  Apple and Google have both recently announced the launch of digital health features in “Digital Wellbeing” and “Screen Time” respectively. Both aim to help users manage their time on devices. While Instagram’s new feature is slightly different, it follows down a similar path. 

Expect more developers to roll out these type of features in the near future.  

In other Instagram news, it recently rolled out a redesigned Explore tab that features topic channels. 

SOURCE: Instagram Press