Instagram Is Rolling Out New Features For The Visually Impaired

Photo: Instagram Press

Photo: Instagram Press

In order to make Instagram more accessible, the platform is rolling out new features for users with visual impairments.

Using object recognition technology, Instagram will provide those who use screen readers with audio descriptions of photos across the Feed, Explore, and Profile sections of the app. The descriptions will include a list of items that the photos may contain. Additionally, when users upload a photo, they will have the option to add custom alternative text, which users with screen readers will hear when they come across the post.

Accessibility options aren’t anything new to social media platforms; both Facebook and Twitter have them. However, Instagram’s accessibility options stand out a bit more considering the fact that it is a visual platform. While these will improve the Instagram experience for the visually impaired, the platform isn’t content with just doing that. In the announcement blog post, Instagram stated that, “these are just first steps toward creating a more accessible Instagram.”

SOURCE: Instagram Press