Instagram gives you the option to send polls within direct messages

Photo: Instagram 

Photo: Instagram 

Instagram has rolled out a small update to its polling feature. The update gives you the ability to use the feature within Direct messages. Previously, the feature could only be used in Instagram Stories, however, you now have control over who you want to poll and choose who sees it and can vote. The process is fairly simple as evident by Instagram forgoing a traditional announcement blog post and announcing it via a tweeted out gif with instructions on how to use the feature. 

A poll feature within Direct isn't as exciting as Instagram's other recent updates such as the sharing of feed posts within Stories or the option to add background music to Stories, but it's one you should take note of.

Lately, there has been a trend of "private sharing," where people share content privately versus publicly.  Despite the power and influence of social media increasing daily, many people are rethinking about what content they share publicly such as on their feeds. Instead, many are utilizing direct message features especially Instagram's to share content with a handful of friends or small, curated groups, where they have more control over who they are sharing with. 

Instagram hasn't stated a reason for rolling out the polling feature within Direct, but one would think that they are hoping to take advantage of this "private sharing" trend by giving users a way to use the polling feature but with more control and of course, privacy. 

"Private sharing" will likely increase in the near future and if so, that will be a big problem for brands, influencers, and content creators who have counted and benefited from their content being spread by through public sharing.