Instagram May Be Working On A TikTok-Like Feature In 'Clips'

Photo: Jane Manchun Wong

Photo: Jane Manchun Wong

Instagram may be working on a new feature for Instagram Stories.

According to a recent discovery by reverse code engineer, Jane Manchun Wong, the new feature is reportedly called Clips and it’s reminiscent of TikTok, the rising short-form video sharing platform. Based on the discovery, the feature will allow users to record video segments into a single Instagram Story. They will also have the ability to overlay music on the videos as well as adjust the speed and time of them.

There have been past examples of Instagram working on new features, but those features never being rolled out. However, with the rising popularity of TikTok especially among Gen Z, it would be safe to bet on Clips being launched sometime in the future.

If Clips does end up launching, it wouldn't be the first time that Instagram has copied or borrow a feature from another social media platform. Back in August 2016, the Facebook-owned platform launched its version of Snapchat Stories and has since revolutionized the content format.

Would it be able to do the same with Clips? Likely not, but at least by launching this type of feature, it could encourage Instagram users to create short, snackable and highly-engaging videos on its own platform rather than flocking to TikTok.

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SOURCE: Jane Manchun Wong