Instagram May Be Launching A Pinterest-Like Feature With Public 'Collections'

Instagram 'Public Collections' Pinterest

Due to code discovered by Jane Manchun Wong, many are anticipating that Instagram may be launching a Pinterest-like feature in the form of public Collections.

Back in 2017, it launched private Collections, which let users save and organize feed posts.

If the Facebook-owned platform rolled out an option to make Collections public, it likely would pose a threat to Pinterest. With public Collections, users could share curated content relating to their interests and passions in a similar fashion to Pinterest.

Public Collections would also provide brands and advertisers with a unique opportunity to promote their products and services. For example, a clothing brand could share a Collection featuring the top products from their seasonal line. With the addition of a shoppable feature, public Collections could be a great way to fuel Instagram’s e-commerce ambition.

According to TechCrunch, Instagram said that it is “not testing this,” but per the digital publication, that only means that it isn’t publicly testing or experimenting with the feature at the moment. Taking into consideration of the code found and Instagram’s push for e-commerce, it’s a good chance public Collections will be a thing sometime in the future.

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SOURCE: TechCrunch