Instagram Launches 'Instagram Story School,' Providing Tips On Instagram Stories

Photo: Instagram Business Blog

Photo: Instagram Business Blog

Instagram has launched Instagram Story School, a new resource that is helpful for anyone especially those who own businesses that want to "learn how to create a story, edit it, convert it into an ad, and use some creative hacks to bring it to the next level."

Available for free on Instagram’s business blog, Instagram Story School is a combination of text, graphics, and videos that provide information and tips on everything from creating an Instagram Story to running Instagram Story Ads. It’s split up into four sections: Create Story, Edit Story, Grow With Stories and Creative Tips.

The Create Story and Edit Story sections are very basic and won’t necessarily be of much value to avid users of the content format, but the Grow With Stories and Creative Tips are really useful. These particular sections provide details on how to run Instagram Story Ads as well as how to make your Instagram Stories more creative, respectively.

You can check out Instagram Story School here.

Back in the summer, Instagram released a how-to guide on creating content on IGTV.