Instagram Launches A New 'Quiz' Sticker That Lets You Ask Your Followers Multiple-Choice Answers

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

Back in February, there were several reports that said Instagram was working on a new Quiz sticker feature. Those reports turned out to be true as the popular photo/video-sharing app officially rolled out Quiz stickers earlier this week.

Like Questions and Polls stickers, Quiz stickers give you a new way to connect with your followers through the ever-growing, popular content format known as Instagram Stories.

With the feature, you can write your own multiple-choice questions and answers. After you indicate the correct answer, customize the color of the Quiz and publish it as a Story, your followers can choose one of the answers by tapping it. When they choose the correct one, animated confetti appears on the screen, but when they choose the wrong one, their incorrect answer appears in red.

You can also see your Quiz results by swiping up to open the viewers’ list including the number of people who took the Quiz as well as their specific answers.

Instagram Quiz Sticker Guide.jpg

Overall, Quiz stickers give you another quick and easy way to interact and engage with your followers and ultimately build a deeper connection and relationship. In addition, it’s the latest example of Instagram not only building on top of the Stories content format but a conscious effort of making the Stories experience less passive.

It’s only a matter of time before the next new Instagram Stories feature arrives, stay tuned.

In other Instagram news, the platform recently released interactive ads for Instagram Stories.