Instagram Is Working On A New Ad Type That Will Let Brands Amplify Posts Created By Influencers

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

Instagram announced it is working on a new ad type called branded content ads.

The photo/sharing app made the announcement at a recent press event in New York for businesses and influencers.

Branded content ads give brands the ability to amplify posts created by influencers as if they were their own. As a result, brands will be able to expand the reach of influencer-generated content beyond organic audiences, allowing them to get a better return on investment for their influencer marketing efforts.

This could also encourage some brands that are hesitate about investing in influencer marketing since branded content ads would give them a bit more control of influencer-generated content as well as the ability to measure it in similar fashion to paid social.

“Brands are seeing that this branded content ad product sometimes helps overcome challenges they have with organic branded content. Instagram is exploring ways that brands can amplify branded content,” Ashley Yuki, Instagram Product Management Lead, said about the ad type.

With Instagram being the platform of choice for a majority of brands’ influencer marketing campaigns, it makes perfect sense that the Facebook-owned platform would make efforts towards developing new tools for both, brands and creators that further streamline the process.

Branded content ads have been in testing for a year, but there is no word on when they will be rolled out officially.

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