Instagram Is Testing ‘Instagram Direct’ For The Web

Photo: Jane Manchun Wong

Photo: Jane Manchun Wong

Last week, reverse code hacker Jane Manchun Wong shared a trio of screenshots, indicating that Instagram is currently testing Instagram Direct for the web. As of right now, users can only communicate via direct messages through the mobile app. However, if Instagram Direct does make it pass the testing phase and is officially rolled out, then users will be able to send and receive messages via the web for the first time.

Having the option to use Instagram Direct on mobile or desktop would be an added bonus for users especially those with heavy inboxes and communicate with their friends and family via DM on a daily basis. Instagram has been traditionally mobile-focused but more users are accessing the photo/video sharing platform from the web these days. Without work arounds that allow you to post photos, the web version of Instagram is quite limited as users can really only scroll through their feeds, like and leave comments on photos.

With messaging being a big driver of engagement for social apps in 2019, it makes a lot of sense for Instagram to expand its current messaging options. Additionally, the move would align with Facebook’s broader plans for messaging. According to reports that surfaced just a few weeks ago, Facebook plans to integrate Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp’s messaging features and allow users to send and receive messages across the platforms.

In other Instagram news, previews of IGTV videos now show up in the main feed.

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