Instagram Is Testing A Video Tagging Feature That Will Let You Tag Accounts In Video Posts

Instagram Video Tagging

Instagram is currently testing a video tagging feature that will let you tag accounts in your video posts.

Following TechCrunch’s report earlier today, I decided to see if I had access to the feature and luckily I do.

The feature works very similar to photo tagging, which has been around since 2013. After you upload the video you want to post, you can tag accounts by clicking the “Tag People” option and then tapping the plus sign above “Tap to tag people.” From there, you can search what accounts you want to tag in the video. When you have selected the accounts, hit “Done” and post your video. Once the post is live, an icon in the bottom left of the video will be displayed. When someone comes across the post, a “View Tagged People” box will appear for a few seconds. When the icon or the box is clicked, a full-screen tray from the right will slide over. Labeled “People In This Video,” underneath it will be all the accounts that are tagged in the video.

Instagram Video Tagging

The ability to tag accounts in video posts is long overdue so it’s great to see that Instagram is finally getting around to launching it. With the popularity of video content growing by the day, Instagram, as well as other social media platforms will need to focus on adding video-specific features that make the video experience not only better for creators but consumers as well.

Stay tuned for news more pertaining to the video tagging feature including when it will be rolled out to all users. In the meantime, you can learn about new Instagram's new personalized emoji shortcut bar feature here.

SOURCE: TechCrunch