Instagram Is Testing A New Ad Type Called ‘Promote For Stories’

Photo: Matt Nav

Photo: Matt Nav

Instagram is currently testing a new ad type for Instagram Stories called Promote For Stories.

With Promote For Stories, users with an Instagram business account can get their Story in front of a bigger audience in a way that is similar to Facebook’s Boost option.

Per screenshots shared by Matt Navarra, users have the option to target people similar to their followers, people in a specific location or other Instagram targeting parameters. Additionally, they can choose whether their ad sends people to their profile or website.

Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, confirmed to TechCrunch that it’s testing Promote For Stories globally, but isn't sure when the ad type will be available for everyone.

Since users can instantly promote their Story and get it in front of more people with just a few clicks, it likely will result in more ads being run in Stories.

When Promote For Stories officially launches, it will be a win-win scenario for users and Facebook (Instagram). Users such as small businesses owners, entrepreneurs and influencers can easily boost their Story and get it in front of more people without having to go through the Ad Manager. Since it’s a easier process, more users are likely to spend money on advertising, which is great news for Instagram.

SOURCE: TechCrunch