Instagram Introduces Ads In The ‘Explore’ Feed

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

Instagram announced that it will soon be bringing ads to the Explore feed.

“We’re introducing ads in Explore slowly and thoughtfully in the coming months,” the Facebook-owned platform said in a recent blog post.

According to Instagram, more than 50% of accounts use Explore every month as a way to find photos and videos related to their interests and passions from accounts that they may not be currently following.

With ads in Explore, brands and advertisers have the opportunity to take advantage of what is relevant and trending at that time. As a result, they can reach new audiences and connect with users who have the potential to become customers.

Instagram will initially only show ads to users that click a post within Explore and then scroll through for similar content. The ads will then be inserted in between that content. Early on, these ads are expected to come from a mix of big businesses and smaller advertisers who are interested in driving conversions, video views or reach. Similar to Instagram in-feed and Instagram Story ads, brands and advertisers will be able to create ads via Facebook Ads Manager.

Ads in Explore is the latest example of Instagram's push for monetization the through a variety of ad options. Recently, it launched Branded Content Ads, which allow advertisers to boost influencer-generated content as if it were their own.

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SOURCE: Instagram Business Blog