Instagram introduces interactive polling feature within Stories

Instagram Polls

Instagram doesn't let too much time pass in between app updates. It recently introduced its newest feature, interactive polling. The new feature exists within Stories and it allows you to get the opinion of your followers via a two answer polling system. 

Using the feature is easy. After taking a photo or video in Stories, you can add a poll by selecting "poll" from the area of Stories where you would find sticker tags like "location." You will then be able to add a question of your liking and edit the default answers of "yes" and "no" to whatever you want.  For a example, if you're having trouble deciding on what to eat, you could ask your followers "What should I eat for dinner tonight?" and have the options of "Chinese food" and "Pizza" as answers. 


Once you share your poll and users vote, you can see real-time results of your poll including who voted for what. In addition, anyone who voted on your poll will be able to see results. Just like regular Stories, polls disappear after 24 hours. 

Instagram Polls

Everyday Instagram users will likely be early adapters of interactive polling and use it for fun and easy questions but I expect businesses, brands or anyone that uses Instagram as a tool to make money to be heavy users in the long-run.  Interactive polling has the potential to be a great tool to get feedback on products and services. If Instagram decides to add a option for more possible answers, it can be even better. But regardless of who is using the feature, interactive polling seems like a great way to engage with followers and keep them coming back to Stories.

For more on the new feature, head over to Instagram's blog

SOURCE: Instagram Blog